We believe your expensive gadgets deserve the best adapter in the market. There are many adapters out there that claim to be “safe”, but none of them have been tested nor approved by any Telecom company. Our SAdapters are made in Germany, patented in Europe, tested and used by carriers globally.

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose SAdapter

  1. Exact inside and outside dimensions according to ETSI standard
  2. Purely mechanical solution, no fighting to insert the SIM and the adapter into the device
  3. No glue or adhesive tapes to hold the SIM card in the adapter, it simply “clicks”
  4. Very high temperature stability (250 °C) – even more than the SIM card itself
  5. Excellent mechanical stiffness due to the reinforced material
  6. Used material is a non aging plastic
  7. No mechanical or thermal deformation inside the mobile phone. Meaning, the adapter can be removed easily at any time
  8. Can be used in almost any mobile phone, tablet, or any SIM enabled device
  9. Works with micro-SIM and nano-SIM cards of all SIM vendors
  10. Made In Germany

Oh, did we say 10? Make them 11.

11. Planet friendly! We care about the environment that we live in, and we keep that in mind when we make business decisions.

Your search ends here, buy the best SIM card adapter for your iPhone 5, Galaxy 5s, Nexus 5 or any other smartphone from us. With SAdapter convert nano SIM to regular or full SIM, nano SIM to micro SIM, and micro SIM to regular or full SIM. Available now, you can convert a nano SIM card into a regular SIM card easily and safely. If you want to buy the very best nano SIM adapter and converter you have reached the right place.